Mitch Kierstenson - Seniors Tour Golf Player
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What Mitchy Says

Ladies, Juniors & Mens Golf Products & Fitness.
This season Mitchy will be reviewing selected products.

Programmes will be covered in some detail and will link to recommended suppliers for your benefit...more soon


European Seniors Tour Golf Player

Get fit to play golf...

This message applies to all Ladies - Men - Juniors - Seniors

There is never a better time to tone up, fight the flab and get fit than right now, even though you may think you're ok, probably you're not.

More coming on this subject soon, but in the meantime....

Lee Valley Park Regional Authority

 Mitch is attached to Lee valley park, which has fantastic facilities accross the whole of the Lee Valley region including a Golf Course and of course the Atheltics Stadium.
Mitch will support and attend as much as possible Lee Valley Park events as his schedule start Mitch supports Lee Valleys Breast Cancer Event..


More will be published on this site as soon as possible to help everyone in the Lee Valley Region to Get Fit for Golf.

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European Senior Tour Player

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